Ashton Illinois is now the official website for the Village of Ashton, Illinois!

On Monday, November 12, 2007 the Village of Ashton voted unanimously to name as the official website of Ashton, Illinois!

We are very proud of this honor, and we promise to double our efforts in making this a fun and informative website for and about the people in Ashton and surrounding areas.

In celebration of being named the official website for Ashton, we've spruced the place up a bit. We've created a Scenes of Ashton webpage, where we display pictures sent to us by you, the people living in and around Ashton IL.

You may notice a few new links on AshtonUSA's main page, like our new Facebook page feed. Please feel free to send us ideas!


Look for this Logo online for official information about Ashton, IL in Lee County, IL